The beginning of the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol vacation


On Boxing Day 1967, the Costa del Sol was opened as a holiday beach and resort. Thousands of holidaymakers arriving from all over the world started to explore this, the most convenient short transfer from the UK and to the lively cities of Murcia and Benidorm a few hours north. In 1975 the international airport was completed and the flood of holidaymakers to the Costas increased. In 1982 the international airport was twice as large as it is today, with an additional 200,000 passengers.

Therefore, the Costa del Sol is now a major international destination and the destination of choice for thousands of British holidaymakers who travelling in Spain each year.

One of the most popular destinations for British holidaymakers in Spain is the township of Jiménez. Located on the N-332 coastal road an hour from Valencia, Jiménez is easily accessible from all over Spain. Jiménez is an easily accessed township, with a number of car hire companies, an excellent range of bars and restaurants and some of the best beaches in the area. It is also the perfect base for you holiday to the fascinating towns of Valencia, Murcia and Chamarel.

To begin your holiday to the Costa del Sol why not try the Valencia Tour and Travel, a must see international airport, located in the centre of Valencia. It is also close to the remarkable city of Murcia and easily accessible from the UK. The many sights, attractions and services available at the airport make it a must visit, if you are travelling from the UK to the Costa del Sol.

Gamong tourists also take advantage of the many regional and local trains, buses and coach services available all over the Costa del Sol, many of which have won awards in the past. If you want to experience the true culture of the Costa del Sol then why not try one of the many Spanish language schools? You certainly won’t be disappointed with the choice available, many of which have excellent English facilities.

You certainly won’t be disappointed on your Costa del Sol holiday if you decide to stay in one of the many stunning villas. In fact, they are the leading tourist destinations in the area, and it is always a good idea to have a look around, especially if you are a family with young children. The huge variety of activities on offer in each villa will make it a holiday to remember and will also make it easy to find those relaxing moments of tranquility you may have missed out on out there in the first place.

There are a number of really alluring resorts to choose from, in fact there are hundreds, if not thousands of them. Some are family resorts, where you’ll find the swim-up bar, children’s club and games rooms and all the rest of it. Other resorts may have a slightly more family orientated feel, with kids clubs, swimming pools and table tennis, or maybe you are looking for something a little more exotic. If you have children travelling with you, many of the resorts will have ‘ Perseus complexes’, where you can spend your whole day relaxing, swimming and sun-tanning, gazing out at the most beautiful of the ancient celestial bodies, some even with finches for sale near me.

Sticking with the sun-tan lotion, you can also head to El Rocio, which is located in the Sierra Blanca, very close to the border with France. It is El Rocio’s sister resort, and has two enormous, 100 metres high oil palm sunbathing platforms, as well as two water parks. The sites have been named as the ‘Odditoral Mambises de blight’ (Mambises of the bees), in a tongue-in-cheek way by the hotel itself, for obvious reasons.

If you’ve got younger family members, a good option is La adoere (Barcelona) which is well known for its wide, tree-lined promenade, a little like those in Paris. The resort is also over-priced, and can be a little expensive, but has plenty of child friendly facilities.

If you’re contemplating a break in Spain, you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how many interesting decisions there are, and the number of opportunities to make even more of your vacation.